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Master psychic

PAPA ALEX is a licensed master psychic. Helping and healing people with his spiritual talents has been his lifelong calling. He uses his gifts of empathy, clairvoyance and psychic dreams to help people with making tough decisions and finding clarity in their lives. PAPA ALEX is a natural born psychic, who has had a variety of training from some of the world’s most gifted masters and teachers. His goal is to inspire change and direction in people’s lives, always connecting and directing energies. His approach is compassionate and straight forward ‘If you don’t want to hear the truth don’t even bother’. 

PAPA ALEX is specialized in readings, spiritual guidance and healing. PAPA ALEX serves an international client base and coaches people all over the world, including politicians and spiritual advisors. PAPA ALEX is authentic and approaches his work with integrity and humor. His presence sets you at ease and leaves a sense of comfort long after a session is over. His motto is ‘Peace & Love No Drama’. Since childhood PAPA ALEX manufactures his own botanica products using proven formulas, based on a long tradition. 


PAPA ALEX has committed himself to share his gifts and knowledge with his family: all human beings on this planet. He feels honored to share the experience he has built up in many years. Because we are all connected and we are all souls with a purpose on this planet at this time. We are spiritual beings with our own life's journey full of lessons, challenges, triumphs, joys and disappointments. Nothing happens without reason. We have the ability to manifest, to create what we want most in our lives. Being empowered by our perception and sharing our loving energies with each other we can make a difference on this planet.


The office of PAPA ALEX is located in San Diego, but of course spiritual readings & PAPA ALEX products are available for everyone.