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When you are looking for a professional psychic reading, PAPA ALEX is ready and able to assist you. He gives you specific, legit answers to all of your questions about life, love and relationships. He has an unshakeable trust in his spirits, which helps you gain a deeper sense of understanding and awareness of your own spirit. 

Psychic readings are available in person and over the phone. In person private readings with PAPA ALEX take place at his office in San Diego, CA, or at any other place by invitation. Phone readings (or voice readings) are available for anyone anytime upon request. All sessions will be scheduled for either ½ hour ($55) or 1 hour ($100). You decide how much time you need and PAPA ALEX blocks the requested amount. Remember, no job too big or too small! You can pay cash or use your paypal account. Contact PAPA ALEX to schedule a psychic reading.


Palm reading

Through palm readings PAPA ALEX provides insight of your current overall mind, body and spiritual well-being. Consider it a health check psychically. PAPA ALEX gives you specific, legit answers to all of your questions about life, love and relationships. These sessions offer insight, validation, and bring emotional balance as well as potential solutions in your life.  


Card reading 

Over the years PAPA ALEX had the opportunity to progress into a professional card reader. He uses tarot or poker cards to answer your questions regarding love, prosperity, and life direction. He helps you to make the necessary changes to create spiritual growth, finding love, and creating a career that provides a prosperous life for you and your family.  


Angel reading 

Because his ability to connect to the other side is very strong, PAPA ALEX can help you get the answers to your questions pertaining to life, love and relationships. PAPA ALEX gathers all the relevant information for this moment in time and works with your angels in conjunction with his angels to enrich your life. The whole process of PAPA ALEX's connection with angels is uplifting, liberating and healing, as he identifies options in your current path on this journey called life.



PAPA ALEX has been blessed to work as a medium for many years. He uses his abilities to connect with the other side to your loved ones who have passed over. Once a connection is established and the authenticity of the link is validated, PAPA ALEX communicates with your loved ones in a highly personal way that enables them to step closer to you in this dimension. Mediumship readings bring you a sense of your loved one and how they continue to support and influence your life today.  Connecting with your loved ones in spirit can help you with that all-important closure, sometimes resolving past issues, and above all healing.