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PAPA ALEX has committed himself to share his gifts and knowledge with his family: all human beings on this planet. He feels honored to share the experience he has built up in many years.

Because we are all connected and we are all souls with a purpose on this planet at this time. We are spiritual beings with our own life's journey full of lessons, challenges, triumphs, joys and disappointments. Nothing happens without reason. We have the ability to manifest, to create what we want most in our lives. Being empowered by our perception and sharing our loving energies with each other we can make a difference on this planet.


International & local seminars

On occasion PAPA ALEX gives seminars about various spiritual subjects. He speaks at spiritual conventions worldwide on invitation.
Check out our news for updates about events.


Small group classes

PAPA ALEX teaches small group classes in San Diego and throughout the US. Participating in a small group class allows people to connect, to learn and grow from each other. PAPA ALEX offers classes about psychic reading, botanica, and any other spiritual subject you would like to learn more about. A class of PAPA ALEX will influence every area of your life. Also available on request: psychic readings and guided meditations for private small groups. Contact PAPA ALEX and your class will be completely tailored to your wishes.


One on one training

If you prefer a one on one training, PAPA ALEX is ready and able to share his unique power and wisdom with you. Whether you want to be a psychic advisor, or learn about manufacturing your own botanica, contact PAPA ALEX to schedule a one on one training at his office in San Diego, CA.



PAPA ALEX wants to support as many people as possible. He is not a politician, he just wants to make the world a better place. His main focus is: spreading love with respect and integrity. Let’s fight for love and start with the young ones. Most children don’t learn in school about love. It is up to us to teach them. With your contribution PAPA ALEX can spread the message of love. Your donation can help him to teach children all over the world to understand the power of love. Fight with PAPA ALEX for ‘Peace & Love No Drama ’. Remember we are all family. Love is all of us!